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How To Buy APD Token

How to buy guide
Connect your Metamask wallet (Remember to switch to Arbitrum one network)
Have a Minimum of 0.2 ETH or 259 Arbitrum tokens to be able to participate in the presale. (You can purchase from Exchanges like Binance, Kucoin)
Click On Join IDO (The glowing button)
Input the Amount in ETH or ARB you would like to purchase and you will be shown the amount you will receive in APD tokens.
If you are purchasing with Arbitrum tokens, you would have to approve ARB before you can be able to join.
You can participate with Arbitrum
You can participate with Ethereum
Once Everything is set, click on Buy Token and Sign the Transaction.
Once the transaction is confirmed on the Arbitrum Network, you will be shown the number of tokens you would be able to claim once the presale ends.
Our presale mechanism is on of the first to be seen on Arbitrum ecosystem as you can join in the presale with either ETH or ARB (Arbitrum Token).
Before we proceed, take a brief look at the pre-sale details below.

Arbitpad Presale Details:

Presale Allocation: 20,000,000 $APD Tokens
Presale Start Time: 30th March, 2023 11 AM UTC
Presale End Time: 15th April, 2023 11 PM UTC

Presale Pricing

1 APD = 0.000015 ETH
1 ETH = 66667 APD
1 APD = 1.92 ARB (Arbitrum)
1 ARB (Arbitrum) = 52 APD
HardCap: 300 ETH
Minimum Buy In ETH: 0.2 ETH
Minimum Buy In ARB (Arbitrum): 256
Maximum Buy In ETH : 5 ETH
Maximum Buy In ARB (Arbitrum): 13,333